Quantitative Research;


Quantitative research refers to surveying or evaluating participants’ thoughts, feelings, attitudes, tendencies and behaviors. In quantitative research, surveys or evaluation forms are structured because research is conducted to a large sample.


In the scope of quantitative research; customer satisfaction and loyalty, consumer attitudes and behaviors, customer segmentation, brand positioning, brand perception and reputation, mystery shopping, advertisement evaluation, product concept evaluation, etc. are conducted by PRAGMA’s professional operational team.


Qualitative Research;


In marketing, qualitative research refers to exploration of ideas and approaches depending to a small size sample. By conducting indepth interviews, focus group discussions, observations and workshops; brands, concepts, products, services, etc. are deeply interrogated.


The principal qualitative marketing research subjects are evaluation of communication strategies, understanding consumer motivations and barriers, collection of customers’ insights towards particular products/services and observation of consumption habits.


For qualitative studies; PRAGMA works with experts and academics in sociology and anthropology fields.

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