Focus Group Discussion:

Focus group discussion aims to receive qualitative data about particular subjects from participants. 6-8 participants gather in a studio where they discuss a subject with the guidance of a moderator. PRAGMA can arrange focus groups in its own studios or where you request. The discussions can be simultaneously translated and reported in foreign languages according to your preference.


Indepth Interview:

Indepth interviews are conducted with a semi or unstructured flow to collect verbal data. Especially for B2B interviews or for sensitive subject where participants may hardly answer to questions, indepth interviews are useful to conduct. PRAGMA realizes these interviews via its expert interviewers where participants request to be interviewed.


Ethnographic Observation:

Observing consumers attitudes and behaviors sometimes provide you to gain very important insights. PRAGMA’s observers, who have anthropological or sociological background, join consumers in their daily life and observe their consumption behaviors. Thus you may understand deeply their feelings, thoughts and habits which lead you to shape your marketing strategies. Ethnographic observations can be realized in house, work place, sales point, etc.



Workshops bring together the key people in a facilitated group session, to accomplish certain objectives. Workshop attendees may be from the business community (users) as well as from outside of the organization. There are many qualitative and quantitative benefits of employing the workshop technique. Providing a structured environment where key stakeholders can discuss important topics openly results in improved decisions making, ownership and consensus, improved deliverable quality, more effective project teams and reduced time and cost.


Second Hand Data Analysis:

Before starting a research, PRAGMA explores the research subject by literature review, sectorial reports, published market data ,etc. The second hand data analysis is especially is needed for market research in order to recognize characteristics of the market.