Research support that training contributes employee performance and it directly affects company profitability. According to qualified workforce, professional development is a prior subject that increases corporate attractiveness. By means of corporate trainings, employees are led to progress in their career and performance and organizations, to self development.


PRAGMA provides you trainings depending on your demands or in consultancy process with its leading expert trainers and academicians. We design unique training programs for you by the support of private training associations and universities. Depending on your preference, our training programs can either be realized in PRGAMA’s training classes or at your company.

Our trainings can be gathered in three categories:

Managerial Training

Management is an art as well as a science. Approaching management with the view that management competencies can be learned more likely than it is born with, we design you training programs where you can develop your managerial competencies. PRGAMA has an academic background in Management and Organization, which provides you theoretical knowledge other than practical. Managerial trainings contain contents such as managerial skills and competencies, project management, team spirit, personal leadership, organizational culture and values, etc.

Corporate Training

To follow business dynamics and adapt to environmental changes, it is necessary for you to have fundamental knowledge about organizational functions. PRAGMA especially offers corporate training programs for startups and SMEs to perform fundamental organizational functions such as HR management, sales and marketing, corporation law, business ethics and financial management. We provide you these basic and advanced trainings with experienced trainers and academicians in this field.

Personal Training

Personal training programs contribute to employees’ social life as well as work life. Most importantly, employees’ wellbeing is positively affected by these programs because they realize how to overcome struggles and let themselves motivated towards professional and social occupation. Therefore organizations adopt personal training programs for employee satisfaction and organizational performance. Some of these programs contain emotional intelligence, effective communication, mindfulness, stress management, team work, creative thinking, motivation and personal goals, etc.